Organic Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil
Organic Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil
Organic Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil
Organic Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil

Organic Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil

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Luxurious texture, color and flavor only possible through meticulously cared for estate grown heirloom olive groves using sustainable, regenerative farming practices. And delicate small batch mechanical cold pressing processes that helps preserve a high concentration of polyphenols, Oleocanthal and amino acids. No GMO, no synthetic chemicals, only the good stuff and nothing else!
  • Premium Extra Virgin Centenarian Olive Oil
  • From 300-year-old Ottobratica Olive Groves in Calabria Italy
  • Cold Pressed & Unfiltered to preserve superior polyphenol levels
  • 250ml (8.5fl oz) Product of Italy
  • 2019 Harvest
  • USDA Organic cert Certified by control body authorized by Eco Gruppo Italia
  • Certified by ICEA – Institute certified Ethical and Environmental
Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil
The Finest Ingredients

This olive oil is minimally processed to retain high concentration of the polyphenols, Oleocanthal and Oleuropein.  It also contains high levels of Oleic Acid.  This is produced using No GMO, no synthetic chemicals, only the good stuff and nothing else.  Not only does this olive oil boast an incredible taste profile but also incredibly rich texture and retention of body-nourishing polyphenols, fatty acids, and amino acids.  Helping making your meals delicious and healthy.

Taste Sensation

From our delicate small batch harvesting, cold pressing, to our rare and unique Ottobrattica varietal of olives, we preserve an incredible unparalleled taste sensation only found in small batch estate grown olive groves.  Our olives are gently brushed from our trees and then nets catch the falling fruit to minimize bruising. Once off the tree, olives begin to oxidize immediately, increasing unwanted acidity levels of the fruit. That's why our oils are pressed within 24 hours of picking.  It gives a complex flavor profile with a fresh ground peppery flavor, smooth front body, fresh grassy under-tones, and a pleasantly sweet finish that offsets the pepper. 

Centenarian Olive Groves

This incredible oil is from the Calabria Longevity Region within Italy that boasts some of the highest centenarians’ rates in the world, the people who live the longest, healthiest lives.  The native olive grove varietals in this area are centuries old, and only grown in this southern Italy region.  They tower 25 meters high and the chemical properties of the soil, the altitude (over 300 meters above sea level) and the particularly favorable climatic conditions, allow for a superior olive oil.  Indeed, the name Ottobratico comes from the fact that the harvest starts mid-October, significantly later than the average, further adding to the unique flavor and profile of our oil.

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