Stay Healthy
Through the Holidays

How N4L Can Keep you Healthy through the Holidays

Avoid Weight Gain

N4L meals are calorie controlled and filled with whole plant foodshigh in fiber that keeps you feeling fuller longer without needing to caloriecount.

Reduce Bloating

By prioritizing plants in every kit, N4L meals are all low in saturatedfat, salt, and sugar that, in excess, can cause the body to hold water andfat.

Fuel Activity

registered dietitians ensure each meal is includes an adequate balanceof high-quality macronutrients: carbohydrates, fat and protein thatprovide energy for all your daily activities and exercise.

Support Recovery

the high-quality whole food ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, andphytochemicals essential for staying healthy and recovering quicklyafter intense exercise.

Provide Structure

all meals are properly portioned, individually packaged and specificallylabeled. Schedule a nutrition consult with an N4L dietitian to learn how to seamlesslyintegrate N4L meals into your holiday schedule.

Eliminates Decision Fatigue

you don't have to waste mental energy deciding what youshould eat, how you are going to prepare your food, andhow you are going to fight cravings with restrictive diets

Offer Support

you do not have to do this alone! N4L dietitians, health coaches, and private Facebook community are here to offer you accountability and support.