6 Ways Nutrition for Longevity Will Save your Waistline this Winter

'Tis the season for family, friends, and well wishes. Certain staples of the holiday season and the end of the year festivities can be difficult for our health goals, and our waistlines. With many people preparing to create health-based resolutions for the New Year, it is not uncommon to see people neglect their health during the winter season leading up to the turn of the year.  

Studies show that the average American gains 1-2 lbs. between mid-November to mid-January1-3. For the nearly 70% of American adults who are either overweight or obese, this number tends to be even higher4. While a few extra pounds are not anything to be ashamed of, that additional weight can make you feel bloated, fatigued, and inflamed during a time when you want to feel strong, alive and energized.  Use this holiday season as a time to further increase your health so you can end this crazy year on a high note and get you to a strong place for the start of 2021!

Prioritizing our health this holiday season will require extra effort but can be very simple with the addition of Nutrition for Longevity meals. Check out these 5 incredible ways Nutrition for Longevity can help you manage your weight and feel great during the holiday season!


Keeps You Full – Our meals are packed with whole plant foods that are high in fiber.  Fiber goes through the body undigested which keeps you feeling full. Staying fuller, longer, prevents mindless snacking, thus keeping extra calories out of your diet!

Reduces inflammation – Although temporary inflammation is a necessary response to injury, illness, and intense exercise, chronic inflammation in our body can increase our risk for chronic disease.  Chronic inflammation has shown to be a result of over consumption of saturated fat, sugar, and salt. By prioritizing whole plants in every kit, N4L meals are all naturally low in these nutrients, leading to less irritation, swelling, and discomfort!

Fuels Your Body with Quality Energy – Nutrition for Longevity prioritizes plants in each box because, in addition to the energy, a variety of colorful plant foods provides essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals our bodies need to keep essential biochemical processes running efficiently for a long time. If you are an active person who exercises, works, manages a household, or is planning virtual holiday events, fueling with quality plant foods will be much more effective at maintaining high energy levels compared to packaged, processed, or fried foods.       

Eliminates Calorie Counting - Nutrition for Longevity meal plans are set at specific calorie ranges, so you know exactly how much energy you are getting to fuel your specific lifestyle.  It eliminates calorie counting as a weight maintenance method, so you can spend more time attending to how the food makes you feel.   

Reduces Decision Fatigue – With the N4L Heat & Serve meals, there is no mental energy wasted on what to eat, how to prepare food, or how to fight cravings! Our meals are prepared with your caloric and nutrient needs in mind.  The only choice you have to make is to start.  Once you get your heat & serve meals in your fridge, you have extremely healthy and filling options available whenever you need them. 

Provides Support – You do not have to do this alone! Staying healthy through the holiday season is hard. The Nutrition for Longevity Nutrition Team is here to help!  If you are unsure how many calories you need for your current lifestyle, schedule a nutrition consult with an N4L Registered Dietitian to learn how to seamlessly integrate N4L meals into your holiday season.



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