Revolutionize Fast Food

Nutrition for Longevity was founded on the passionate belief that a long, healthy life begins with what’s on your plate. To address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially-grown produce, we set out to create a farm-to-table meal delivery service that restores food to its natural state so you can support your health according to principals outlined in The Longevity Diet.

Superior Produce

We focus on quality, using organic farming practices to produce nutrient-dense food that’s non-GMO, using the highest-quality seeds that can be traced all the way back to their source. We only work with seed suppliers who pledge to be alteration-free, which includes genetic modification and editing. We believe transparency is key. Having a transparent food chain means you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

The result is clean, fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door, in the form of curated meals created by our Executive Chef, and direct to you less than 48 hours from harvest. Inspired by The Longevity Diet, our meals draw upon the lessons of the Centenarian Hot Spots, geographical hot spots known for inhabitants that live the longest and healthiest lives on record.

Planet Friendly

But there’s more to our approach than just the food we grow—it’s also about how we grow it. Our farm uses both ancient and modern agricultural practices that not only helps neutralize climate change, they help support the reversal of environmental damage. We use aquaponics to reduce our water usage and provide year-round in-door growing. We also use no-till farming practices, and use cover cropping and specialized composting to enrich our soil. And our food is grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides.