We fuel food as medicine with tailored nutrition.

Tangible preventions and interventions through lifestyle medicine.

Tailored science-backed nutrition.

Humans are not one size fits all, So why should our food be!

  • Science Backed - Three decades of research behind The Longevity Diet™
  • Tailored - Your Practitioner and our Registered Dietitians tailor your program
  • Food As Medicine - Our strong portfolio supports prevention and intervention with food
  • Support - Your never alone in your journey with our strong network of Registered Dietitians, Cognitive Behavioral coaches, and Group Counselors

Clean eco-friendly farming.

No synthetic chemicals for clean food that feels good!

  • Clean - No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or insecticides
  • Environmental - Organic Regenerative farming that rebuilds our soil microbiome
  • Ultra Fast - We own our farms so we can pick produce at its prime and deliver in 48 hours
  • Low Waste - We control our supply chain so reduce waste by > 50%

The farm to fork experience.

Discover the difference in our practice and passion for better health from the ground up.

Why our Partners love us.

Healthy & nutritious food & ready to enjoy.

They also have an excellent customer service! I love the fact the the team is always available to answer my questions. I had a problem but they immediately offered a great solution! I am more than satisfied, thank you!


It feels like I have a personal chef

If feels like I have a personal chef making dinners for me every night. The pre-made meals are so easy and taste like like were just freshly made. And wow, so unique and full of flavor. I love Valter Longo’s work, and the fact that this company has put it into an easy and accessible reality is incredible. Cannot recommend Nutrition For Longevity enough.


I was impressed!

I was impressed with the timeliness, the amount of vegetables, overall taste. For my particular needs the portions and food is perfect, overall the product is impressive.

Jennifer M.


I received my PRODUCE BOX October 29th. It was 68 degrees and I didn't get home until late afternoon... The contents were appropriately chilled and SOOO FRESH/COLORFUL, I took pictures as I unpacked that wonderful box!! Almost hated to remove those "works of art!" I'm very pleased with the quality and variety of regeneratively-gardened veggies inside. I also love the new material used to keep food cold...And anchored well in the shipping box.

Denise Porterfield
Bring delicious, healthy
nutrition back to your diet.