Plant a Seed of Change this New Year

The year is ending and for some, it’s a chance to put the past behind them and focus on a healthier future. This may mean focusing on nutrition, exercise, or healthy relationships.  January 1st tends to be a calendar-driven obligation; however, we can focus on change at any point throughout the year.  

Take time to focus on something you need to strengthen in your life.  Where do you feel a void? Identify areas that are less than satisfying. Plant a seed of change that you can continue to nourish throughout the years to come.  Face whatever is holding you back and commit to seeing change.  If you haven’t had time to reflect on what that might be, don’t feel pressure to start as soon as the ball drops.  Take the time to focus on something that will provide lasting fulfillment and is meaningful for your life.

How will you continue to feel motivated when you aren’t seeing results right away? An apple tree can take up to 10 years to bear fruit.  Put in the work, surround yourself with a supportive environment, and you’ll see the change you’ve been looking for.

Start Somewhere

If you have a laundry list of changes to make, pick something that won’t take a lot of effort. Do you need incorporate more vegetables, but meal planning seems too tedious? Subscribe to a meal service like Nutrition for Longevity so you can take the pressure off yourself and get some ideas for meals and portion sizes to make.   If sweets, cookies, and chocolate were in abundance this holiday season and you're looking to reset, join our sugar detox program on January 9th.

Do you find that incorporating physical activity is a challenge because you don’t have anyone to work out with and help motivate? Find a group class so the trainer can plan the workout for you.  If dumbbells and treadmills are intimidating, try something different like aerial, dancing, barre, boxing or yoga. Join a local walking group- or if you’re feeling ambitious you can start your own! Whatever your end goal may be, plant one seed that you can continue to tend to.  Like any change, it requires time, attention, and energy.

Nutrition for Longevity strives to help those looking to live a healthier life through our whole food plant based meals, dietitian support, and program modules.