Ways to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day is a special day we take time to celebrate and honor our moms. As we celebrate moms, this is also an opportunity to celebrate the mother figures in our lives as well. These mother figures can be Step-Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, or Fathers who have been both parenting roles. A mother figure is one of the first teachers to a child and plays a huge role in the people we become in life. Below are some helpful tips to make sure they are celebrated this Mother’s Day.

Creative Ideas

Spa Day. Physical and mental health are extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. A good way to make sure the day meets her needs is to find out what mom’s top five ideas for relaxation include. If the element of surprise is more your style, a couple simple yet meaningful ideas include a manicure or pedicure, blow-out at her favorite hair salon, or a massage.  You can even plan a spa day at home with DIY face masks and pedicures!

Memory Lane. Creating a special photo album or taking a trip to a sentimental location is a great way to bring back some of her favorite family memories. If you’re not able to be with mom on her special day, sending a video of all the things you love about her or slide show of your favorite memories is a great alternative to still make the day special and memorable.

Cooking. Our moms have cooked a lot for us in their lifetime, let’s reverse the roles! Preparing her favorite meal or planning a nice brunch so mom can catch up on some beauty rest are thoughtful ways to make her day easier. Another alternative if you’re unable to get together inside, is planning a picnic in the park or out in the backyard.  Need recipe ideas? Check out ours!

Mom Knows Best. Whether we want to admit it or not, moms are typically right when providing us with their wisdom, so why not give her a list of things she was right about to show your appreciation for all that she does to help.


Quality Time Ideas 

Make a Difference Together. Mothers are typically giving spirits and care about their community. If this sounds like your mom, try to plan a volunteer outing in your community. Choose a cause she’s passionate about and spend the day giving back as a team.

Gardening. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, why not enjoy time together planting a garden and watching the beauty of nature grow over time.  If flowers aren't your thing (or if mom doesn't have a green thumb) plant a succulent garden!

Day Trip. A day trip is still considered a trip no matter the distance! Support local business by shopping and dining or look up new hiking trails to try out. Maybe taking a drive down to the beach or lake to enjoy the tranquility of nature and calming properties of water is more your speed.  Whatever it is, make sure mom is smiling from ear to ear.

Stroll in the Park. With the warmer weather approaching, getting some sunshine and exercise with a walk in the park is a simple pleasure. Check your local areas for beautiful botanical gardens, butterfly sanctuaries, or sculpture parks to appreciate nature's beauty.

Game Night. What better way to spend time with mom and family then a cherished (or competitive!) game. As a family, jot down names of your favorite games to play and draw selections out of a hat to play.  These could be board games, card games or maybe your favorite sport!  Just make sure to let mom win.

Send Help. Help her out! Moms are known to be constantly on the run and wearing a million hats. Give her time back to herself by taking on some of her errands and chores for the day. Running to a local store, ask her if she needs anything while you're out and about. Not in the area? Hire her a handyman!

Communicate.  Call her and tell you that you love her and appreciate her today and everyday.  Moms don't need glitz and glam, but letting her know that she helped raise a kind, respectful soul is often good enough.  Whether a new mom or mom for 75 years, telling her that you love her will make her day.