Women's Health Week

This year (maybe more than any other) women have taken on the world. The pandemic has turned life upside down for many across the country, testing every fiber of a woman’s strength and stamina in extraordinary ways. Women have been a force to reckon with throughout time, rising to every challenge -- and this past year has been no different. National Women’s Health Week (NWHW) is here, and Nutrition for Longevity wants to highlight the importance of prioritizing the health of the incredible women in our lives. Women represent the foundation of a family's overall health; ensuring women have access to quality care can lead to improved health for children, families, and their extended network. Let’s keep the focus on women this coming week and prioritize the importance of female health! 

NWHW is a week-long observance led by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.1 NWHW starts each year on Mother’s Day and aims to encourage women and girls to take care of themselves by making their health a priority.  National Women’s Health Week is a time that reminds us to prioritize the health and wellness of the females in our life. Happiness starts with good health, and a healthy lifestyle leads to optimism and hope for the future. Living a healthy lifestyle and taking preventative measures can help you remain active and healthy for yourself, your family, and loved ones. 

What actions should you take? 

  • Look at your diet and identify areas in which you would like to make changes. A balanced diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. The first priority is to maintain a healthy weight. From there, it’s important to recognize women have specific nutrition needs throughout all stages of life. We recommend speaking with a registered dietitian if you have concerns or questions, after all, they are the nutrition experts. 
  • Regular checkups are important. Preventative care is so critical and can help protect you from diseases or detect early problems so that treatment is more effective. Not to mention this can ward off preventable healthcare expenditure in the future. We understand that everything has been rather challenging over the past year, but let’s re-prioritize and make sure you’re the healthiest version of yourself. Don’t forget self-exams! 
  • Find ways to get moving. Physical activity plays an extremely important role in your physical and mental health. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, releases endorphins – that feel-good, happy hormone and has been recognized as an agent in destressing. Exercise can be achieved through a wide variety of activities. Figure out what appeals to you most and what you actually enjoy doing. Involving family or friends can help increase your motivation! 
  • Prioritize your mental health. Take deep breaths, meditate, create work/life balance, and make time for YOU. You are important and your health won’t be optimal if you’re struggling with any mental health issues. It used to be taboo, but let’s make prioritizing your mental health the norm. There are healthcare professionals specifically to help you with your individual needs. 
  • Get those Zzz’s. Sleep is important, we can’t stress this enough. Lack of sleep or unusual sleeping patterns can impact weight and mental health. Try to create a sleep routine, make the effort to unplug and relax before bedtime. Being in sync with your Circadian Rhythm is important, we can’t emphasize that enough.  

Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, or friend, take some time during this NWHW to prioritize the women in your life! Check in on the women around you this NWHW and make sure that those you love are taking care of themselves.